2015+ Mustang - "Baby Got Back" Rear End Package

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Shifteck has put together an awesome package for improving the rear end performance of your 2015+ Ford Mustang (including GT350/R). This kit includes the following items:

1. Shifteck IRS Stabilization Kit - Locks down the IRS cradle to the main chassis to remove the lateral play in the rear end.
2. Shifteck Billet Vertical Links - Replace the stamped metal vertical links with Shifteck Billet ones that don't flex, and help prevent wheel hop.
3. Shifteck Adjustable Toe Links - Precisely adjust the rear wheel toe to get the optimal alignment and the best performance from your vehicle.


If purchased individually, these parts are over $475, but when purchased as part of the Shifteck "Baby Got Back" Package, you save over $50. As with all Shifteck parts, they're covered by our No-Questions Asked Lifetime Warranty against defects in workmanship.


Fits 2015+ Mustangs including Ecoboost, V6, GT, and GT350/GT350R