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Seat Mounted Camera Mount for Ford Mustangs

Seat Mounted Camera Mount for Ford Mustangs

$ 50.00 $ 74.99

For Mustang owners that have the Recaro racing style seats, there are no headrest bars to attach a camera mount, making it difficult to get high-quality, in-car video that includes the driver. Shifteck's camera mount is ready to change that.

This camera mount is the first one available that is designed to fit the factory Mustang Recaro seats, while also working with all Mustangs that have an adjustable height headrest. Provides a stable platform to capture high-quality video at the track, auto-x, or during spirited drives.

Features and Benefits:
- Installs with no tools, does not damage interior, and can be installed/removed in less than 5 minutes
- Installs on either driver seat or passenger seat, and allows seat to be used while installed
- Works with any camera type including GoPro style, video camera with standard mounting hole, cell phone in mounting case, etc (Camera not included)
- Compatible with 4/5/6 point harnesses
- Covered by Shifteck's NO QUESTIONS ASKED lifetime warranty


Fits all 2015+ mustangs. Ecoboost, v6, GT, GT350, and GT350R. 

Installation Photos can be found HERE:

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